Buttermilk + Maple Syrup + Cacao

Buttermilk + Maple Syrup + Cacao

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Our Buttermilk, Maple & Cacao facial mask powder combines Canadian maple syrup with the benefits of cacao and buttermilk.

Feed Your Skin Daily

This all-natural formulation blends the power of these three ingredients for an exfoliating and reparative facial mask experience. With no chemicals or other ingredients added, you will be surprised by how simple yet effective the contents of our unique face mask are.

Ingredient #1 (Organic Maple Syrup)
This Canadian staple is sourced from Beaver Valley Maple, located at the southern tip of Georgian Bay. Beaver Valley Maple is renowned for producing the highest quality maple syrup. Their commitment to the highest standards in bush and sugar shack practices and fully organic certification makes their syrup unmatched by any other brand. Maple syrup is known to potentially have multiple benefits for your skin. Maple syrup may have a soothing effect on your skin while helping to moisturize. Maple syrup may also have beneficial cleansing properties and is known to repair dry skin and relieve redness.

Ingredient #2 (Cacao)
This ingredient is delivered as untreated cacao beans and may benefit your skin immensely. Cacao may help enhance the complexion of your skin and improve its elasticity. Additionally, cacao can exfoliate skin and make it softer and reduce the look of aging visible on your skin.

Ingredient #3 (Buttermilk)
This dairy product comes to our facility from less than a 150km distance and brings with it many benefits to your skin. The lactic acid in buttermilk may make for a great exfoliant. Buttermilk may brighten skin, reduce the look of brown spots, and even out tone. Buttermilk may help reduce the look of age spots and tighten skin.

Contents: 70g (2.47 oz)

Directions For Use

Each Facial Mask Bottle Comes with 10 Applications

Measure 1 tablespoon of facial mask powder into a bowl. Measure 2 teaspoons of water and combine the ingredients. Mix the water and powder until it becomes a paste; add more water if necessary. Before, use test paste on the back of your hand to ensure there is no allergic reaction. Apply the facial mask paste to the face (and neck if desired), taking care to avoid contact with the eyes. Leave the face mask on for minimum of 20 minutes. After desired treatment, remove the face mask with lukewarm water and a towel.

Customer Reviews


Amazing products. Love the ingredients being used and the message behind 22KM. Very impressed

Vicky S.
Toronto, ON

Best garlic powder I've ever used. Aromatic and very flavourful. Garlic lovers look no further!

Richard N.
Toronto, ON


Processing That Stimulates Change

Our processing allows us to maintain far more nutrients, retain the essential oils, produce zero waste and create a wide array of products by following stone-grinding and freeze-drying methods.

Process 1

Stone Ground

Process 2

Freeze Drying

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