Maple Peanut Powder
Maple Peanut Powder

Maple Peanut Powder

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The wonderful flavour of our roasted peanuts is perfectly complemented by the sweetness of our organic, Ontario-made, maple syrup. These two amazing ingredients are blended together and freeze-dried to create our incredible powder. Our maple syrup, a Canadian staple, is sourced from Beaver Valley Maple, located at the southern tip of Georgian Bay. Beaver Valley Maple is renowned for producing the highest quality maple syrup anywhere. Their commitment to the highest standards in bush and sugar shack practices and fully organic certification makes their syrup unmatched by any other brand. 

Our maple peanut powder works as a sweetening and flavouring agent to your baked goods, but it also can be used in a variety of savoury meals (if you can help yourself from eating the entire bag by the spoonful).

Recommended Uses:
Just add milk (or your favourite dairy-alternative for a 3-ingredient hot chocolate)
Bake with it: Cookies, cakes, icings, etc.
Add it to your: Oatmeal, ice cream, lattes, etc.
Try it with our Garlic Powder to create the best peanut sauces and marinates you’ve ever made yourself. Just add soy sauce or whatever else suits your taste!

Nutritional Benefits:
Peanuts are known to be high in the polyphenol p-coumaric acid.
P-coumaric is known for its antioxidant, antimicrobial, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Our peanuts are roasted. Roasting can increase the level of p-coumaric acid, boosting the overall antioxidant content by as much as 22 percent.
Organic Maple Syrup contains antioxidants which is known to fight inflammatory diseases, protect skin health and strengthen the immune system.

Additional Information:
No added sugars or salt
No additives or preservatives

Contains: Peanuts
May Contain: Milk, Egg, Tree nuts

Contents: 100g (3.5oz)

Customer Reviews


Amazing products. Love the ingredients being used and the whole message behind 220KM. Very impressed!

Vicky S.
Toronto, ON

Best garlic powder I've ever used! Aromatic and very flavourful. Garlic lovers look no further!

Richard N.
Toronto, ON



Our processing allows us to maintain far more nutrients, retain the essential oils, produce zero waste and create a wide array of products by following stone-grinding and freeze-drying methods.

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